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Jill Smart

“Make Good Choices” is a children’s book that acts as a guide for young minds. It teaches its readers, including young ones, the value of responsibility for actions. The author provides encouraging and uplifting examples of how to distinguish between right and wrong, show sympathy for others, and act morally.

“Make Good Choices” has a timeless message, making it a valuable tool for kids, teachers, and parents alike.



“Make Good Choices”

“You can flock with the turkeys or soar with the eagles”

“Remember to be kind. This will put you in the right frame of mind.”

choices have consequences book


Every choice you make has a consequence. It can be good or bad. But it is totally up to you! This sequel to Make Good Choices elaborates on the importance of choosing wisely. Choices Have Consequences serves as a guidebook for young minds in a positive and uplifting manner. Encouraging good choices in order to develop compassion and good character, Choices Have Consequences demonstrates how to choose right from wrong.

The message of Choices Have Consequences is timeless. It, like Make Good Choices, serves as an engaging resource for parents, teachers, and children alike.



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